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Congress of Expovet

Did you attend our exhibition last year? Then you will remember the impressive inflatable halls.

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At Expovet, we strive to provide lectures and workshops covering the most innovative and current topics. By inviting leading experts from home and abroad, we ensure that vets stay abreast of the latest evolutions and developments in their field. 

Lecture halls

With their thick air cushion, the inflatable halls provide excellent acoustics, making lectures and presentations clear and easy to understand. They also ensure that ambient noise is excluded. The added value of pleasant LED lighting completes the atmosphere in these halls.

Furthermore, the halls are equipped with one or more TV screens that guarantee high-quality images even when the room is not fully darkened. The professional sound system, meticulously managed by experts, ensures that the sound is optimal.


Your total experience as a visitor is key, which is why we offer an unparalleled combination of technology and comfort for any presentation or lecture.

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