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Steribel BV supplies custom autoclaves up to 2000l for various industries and offers brands such as Apollo, Tuttnauer and Melag. We also organize sterilization training courses and provide advice.

Steribel BV is a Belgian company specialized in hygiene and sterilization solutions for all sectors related to sterilization and since more than 20 years market leader in this field.We distribute autoclaves for small and large medical practices, industrial applications and government institutions.We work with our own customized concepts taking into account the type of materials and instruments, according to use and specialization. According to your needs, we can provide autoclaves with a capacity of up to 2000l. You can opt for our own brand: Apollo, as well as for the machines of A-brands Tuttnauer, Melag, Celitron and SMS that we distribute.In addition, we provide advice and organize training in cooperation with universities and professional associations on sterilization and cleaning in practice.

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