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Nesto: together for the best care

Nesto currently groups more than 60 practices spread over Belgium (+37), Germany (+22) and Luxembourg (+2) and represents more than 600 enthusiastic veterinarians and veterinary assistants.

Nesto relieves the practices of management concerns and fully supports their veterinary development where quality and evidence-based medicine are paramount.

Nesto distinguishes itself by the maximum participation and freedom of its participating practices so they can fully realize their own (veterinary) vision and ambition; and this while the managing veterinarians have the possibility to remain shareholders of their own practice.

The shared knowledge throughout the network provides a stimulating work environment and career opportunities that in turn guarantee both client and patient a professional service.

Curious about our entrepreneurial approach and benefits? Contact us without obligation:

Gregory Vroninks, Director of Expansion
+32 (0)3 37 60 785

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