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Expovet is pleased to present a well-thought-out organizational plan that fully complies with current legislation, in particular Article 120 of Regulation EU 2019/6, to allow advertising of pharmaceuticals at our events.

This carefully developed plan was developed in collaboration with the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAGG) to ensure that all activities are in line with regulations and standards.

With this plan, Expovet aims to provide pharmaceutical companies with a platform where they can advertise prescription drugs. Veterinarians visiting Expovet will receive a special badge at the entrance, which will give them exclusive access to the Pharma-Overlook balcony. Here they will find not only an overview of information, but also relevant advertising from participating pharmaceutical companies.

Our goal is twofold: first, we aim to support pharmaceutical companies in maximizing their presence at Expovet so that they can take full advantage of direct contact with veterinarians. Second, we aim to assist veterinarians in obtaining valuable information from the pharmaceutical industry, allowing them to increase their knowledge and make more informed decisions in their practice. 

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