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Grovet BV

Grovet, equine health company
Specialist in veterinary products for horses

For more than 25 years, Grovet has provided equine veterinarians with high-quality products to perform their veterinary work as best as possible. Our team consists of people with a passion for horses and that is why the health of horses is central to everything we do.
Based on scientific research and our experience, knowledge and skills, we offer an innovative range of instruments, medicines and supplements for horses to provide optimal support to the equine veterinarian. It is our passion to exceed the expectations of equine veterinarians and we continuously develop our range, including our own product line, to continue to optimize this. Through close and personal collaboration with equine veterinarians, medical authorities and specialists, we know what is currently relevant and needs attention. We then translate this into the most suitable solution. Supporting equine veterinarians in their work by providing knowledge about veterinary products for horses and developing and supplying a range of distinctive/innovative products is our priority.
Grovet wants to enable the equine veterinarian to provide the best possible care. We have a solid network of researchers and organizations involved in the research and development of veterinary products for horses. This ensures an up-to-date product range (medicines,
complementary food and dietetic food, veterinary supplies and consumables).
We continuously work on optimizing and developing our own product line. At Grovet, the passion for horses is palpable throughout the company. We listen and think along about medical questions and are available to help the horse and vet.

Grovet BV
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