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Enalees develops and produces rapid isothermal PCR diagnostic tests which enable veterinary professionals to diagnose ...

... infectious diseases – both in their veterinary practices and in the field – without the need to send samples to an external laboratory.

Its team, which is primarily made up of doctors, engineers and biology technicians, has a particular focus on the development of innovative tests for domesticated animals (horses, dogs and cats).
Based on an isothermal amplification technique, the company’s products can detect 12 infectious diseases in horses, including Lyme disease (or Borreliosis) and equine influenza. To date, 90% of equine veterinary clinics in France use the technology. Since 2021, the company also launched 11 tests for diagnosing infectious diseases in dogs and cats, making it the French market leader in
veterinary LAMP PCR (Loop-mediated isothermal AMPlification Polymerase Chain Reaction). Enalees’ tests are currently available in Europe directly from Enalees’ Group (France, United Kingdom and Germany) or through its distributors network.

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